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DELILAH (Chocolate Lab)

CONWAY, SC....We were contacted last week by another Rescue that had offered to step up for a Senior Lab that was in Horry County.   Delilah was picked up as a stray and was in desperate need of Medical Care.  She is ten years old and was abandoned with a massive tumor on the side of her face that had taken over part of her jaw and eye area.   Once the Rescue realized how critical she was, they knew they did not have the resources to take care of her properly, so they reached out to us.   We had her taken to our Specialists in Matthews, NC where she was immediately taken to ICU.


They had named her Willow, but we already had a Willow in the same Hospital, so we changed her name to Delilah.    I had seen the pictures of Delilah but was not prepared for how sick she was when she arrived.  It appears she has been neglected and on her own for quite a long time.  Delilah was put on fluids and meds to try and stabilize her while the ER Team discussed the massive tumor she had with Oncology and the Surgical Team.


I decided to wait and see how she did over the weekend before anything drastic was done.  Getting her hydrated and stabilized was our top priority.  This sweet chocolate lab did not even want to wag her tail or raise her head.   She was extremely depressed in every aspect.  I was trying to determine if she was depressed because she had given up or if her body condition had compromised her health and she just couldn't muster up the strength to show us she wanted to be here.


Throughout the weekend, Delilah began to brighten a little more each day.    She finally perked up enough to where we felt comfortable sedating her to do Scans of her head and body to determine exactly how invasive the tumor was and if it had spread.    Her original x-rays did not show any sign of masses in her body other than the large one on her face.  The Cat Scan showed there was a large cavitary mass seen arising from the left maxilla. There is extensive destruction of the caudal aspect of the left maxilla with invasion into the left nasal cavity.  The mass extends into the left retrobulbar space and is also encompassing the left zygomatic arch. There is destruction of a proliferation of the left zygomatic arch. The mass can be seen extending from the level of the left TMJ to the midportion of the left nasal region.   A biopsy of the tumor (which had ruptured before coming to us) was sent off to get a definitive answer on the type of cancer she had.


We already knew in our hearts the tumor was cancerous because of the destructive nature of it.   The good news is that it had not spread.  We are waiting for the biopsy report to come back before we proceed with Surgery.  We already know the tumor cannot be removed but would hope it could be debulked.   If the tumor cannot be debulked and we feel Delilah is responding well to her treatments, we will then proceed to do Palliative Radiation in addition to Chemotherapy.


There is still a lot of information that we are waiting to come in.   The best news we have is that this beautiful chocolate lab is beginning to come around and her personality is coming out.   She is the most humble girl you will ever meet.   All she wants is a hug and to lean on you.   She is not able to eat hard food at this time and can only eat soft food given from below.   She is slowly gaining weight and loving all of her wonderful meals and the time she gets to spend with the Vet. Techs spoiling her rotten.


We see so many cases like Delilah that I am beginning to wonder if everyone is feeding their dogs food that is laced with poison.   If you feed your dog cheap food that is loaded with fillers and garbage, this is what you are going to get.  Cheap Dog Dood means high Vet Bills unless you have owners like Delilah that never take their animal to the Vet.  There is no excuse for all the Cancers we are seeing in Man's Best Friend.   Spend more money on dog food that is pure and natural and you will spend less on Vet Bills and your beloved Companion will have the best chance possible to live a Long Healthy Life not suffering.


We have our hands full 24 hours a day at Noah's Arks Rescue.   There is no limit to the Abused Animals we get requests to take in DAILY.    I wish I could have said NO to Delilah but I could not.  My Heart aches for these amazing Creatures that live another day with the HOPE someone will notice them and Help.   Any animal that is suffering deserves Unconditional Love before their time comes.   Don't turn your backs on these animals.   We cannot save them all, but we can show them they matter.


If a Rescue could ever say they are BLEEDING Funds, well WE are it.  We have so many desperate cases that are in ICU and the ER that we don't have time even to name them.    PLEASE, Donate or share with your Friends and Family if you cannot.    We need everyone's help when we send the pleas around.  For every animal I send around begging for Help, there are two more I have taken on that I never mention and have to take on myself.   We really need your Help Financially with these cases so we can keep saving these Abused Animals like dear Delilah.

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