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Our very special one-eyed Jack had to be rushed to the hospital.  Normally, Jack is very animated and vocal.  For a couple of days, he slowed down a lot, and we decided it must be from the heat and humidity so we kept him more inside instead of out playing with the other pups.  I suddenly noticed Jack had started to have a head bob which he had never had before and he did not want to move.


We rushed him to the Vet and were already getting prepared to say Good-Bye to this beautiful dog that we adore.  We left him with the vet to determine what was going on and when I called to check on him, they agreed he was not doing well, and it was probably best to put him down.  If he was that bad, then we did not have time to bring him back to the Rehab Facility which is where we always say Good-Bye.  


We packed up chocolates and cookies for him and all the things dogs cannot have but want for his last meal.  When I walked in the back of the Vets Office to spend time with Jack, he perked up and was as alert as always.  His one beautiful eye lit up, and he was an entirely different dog than the one we have left hours before.  I said NO to put to sleep and told them to do testing to determine what was wrong.


Within hours of me leaving, Jack spikes a fever of 106. He was looked after during the night with fluids and cooling blankets to get his fever down while at the Vets Office.  The next morning, it was determined he had a bladder infection and possibly an enlarged prostate.  We rushed Jack to CVRC in Charleston, SC where he has been in ICU ever since.  They have finally gotten his fever down, but he has refused to eat.  He is on heavy antibiotics for his infection which is probably why he is not eating.


Sweet jack has improved and not enough for us to bring him home.  We have to get him on the other side of the infection before he starts to feel better.  Please, keep Jack in your Prayers. If you can Donate toward his ICU Medical Care, we would greatly appreciate the support for this exceptional pup.


This special dog has our heart in so many ways.  He never gives up or gives in to his disability.  He is always cheerful and the best kisser there has ever been.  His World is always Sunshine and Roses, even on a Cloudy day.  We are not prepared to say Good-Bye to Jack if there is something we can do.   Help Us, Help Him by Donating.

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