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Sweet Jack has had a Terrible Life.   It seems like at every turn, he was either abused, or everyone gave up on him.  That was until we reached in and said YES; we CHOOSE you.   All rational thought went out the window.  Saving this dear boy was only possible in our eyes since we were his Last Resort.


Dr. Bergman, Jack's Neurologist, and Surgeon have learned the hard way that we DO NOT give up or give in to what others call the impossible.   If an animal fights to be here and has the strength to continue that fight, we will do everything in our power to give them the best possible chance.


One-eyed Jack is showing us all that proper medical care, and lots of love can move mountains in the eyes of an abused dog.   Jack was barely alive when we got him and then was in horrible pain after his spinal surgery.   His anemia has improved but will not go away completely until all of the parasites in his body are gone.  We have done several rounds of medication to rid his body of the parasites and are only now seeing improvement.


Jack has come a long way from the first day we rescued him.   Dr. Bergman felt surgery would give this precious beagle his only chance at ever walking again.   Jack's pain has finally improved enough for him to get around in a cart.  We do Rehab with his legs each day to get him stronger.  He can now hold himself upright for almost a minute.  He can even get up at times on his own.


This may not seem like a lot, but for Jack, it is a Miracle he can move at all.   We feel like this special boy will one day be able to stand and walk on his own.  We are still expressing his bladder, but he can go on his own.  The progress this sweet pup has made in such a short time gives us hope.


Jack's requires weekly medical visits because his body was in such bad shape.  Lots of blood tests and kidney values have to be taken.    Jack's tests show he is in Renal Failure.  His values have improved, but they are still not good enough to get him out of the Renal Failure status he is in now.  We have him scheduled to have an ultrasound and another internal medicine consult to make sure we are not missing anything.


Jack's bills are constant, and donations for him are NOT.  Please, Donate to these special pups when we send a request.  We are 100% Donation based.  When funds do not come in, it rests squarely on MY shoulders to cover the balance.   We have a lot of dogs that still require extensive medical care before they can be adopted.  It takes money to cover all of their bills.  This is a burden I have been shouldering for a very long time.  Please, DONATE.  We desperately need funds to help the dogs we have and the abused ones that are waiting for us to say YES.  We choose you.

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