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I am happy to report that dear Jack is out of ICU and out of the ER Hospital.    He had to spend a couple of days at his regular vet while he got fluids which were tapered down and discontinued before he left.  I did not want to take any chances of his fever coming back, so I opted to have him stay a little longer at the Vet.


Jack is an amazing dog that has our heart in so many ways.  We have looked after Jack since the day we rescued him.  Dogs like Jack are the reason why we rescue abused animals.  Their hearts are big and forgiving no matter what happens to them.  He was skin and bones and was barely hanging on when we agreed to take him into our Medical Program.  


Jack has everything to live for and people that love and adore him.   He is our special boy that was abused and neglected. We see a lot of Beagles that are in horrible shape, but Jack was by far the worst.  Beagles are the happiest dogs I have ever met.   All they care about doing is sniffing and sniffing some more.  They follow their nose and go wherever it takes them.  


Jack gets to run around in his cart at the Rehab facility, but his favorite activity is being in a kennel with some of the puppies and smaller dogs.  Chihuahuas are a magnet for sweet Jack.  They love curling up next to him.  For some reason, they seem to think he is their protector.  In their eyes, he does not have a disability.  


We are excited about Jack being back at the Rehab Facility where he can play with all of the pups and shower us with unconditional love and kisses.  If we had a Kissing Booth, Jack would have a line around the building with people waiting for Smooches by Jack.  No dog can nuzzle quite like this special boy.  Thanks for caring about him.

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