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With a Broken Heart, I have to let everyone know that our extraordinary One-Eyed Jack has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  Jack's body had deteriorated to the point where he could no longer use his cart or pull himself around.  He was our Social Butterfly that greeted every new dog and made each one know how special they were and how lucky they were to be with us.


He was our Cheerleader on good days and bad days.  Some people have a worry stone they carry in their pocket to rub in times of stress.  We had Jack's long beagle ears to rub.  Jack knew our moods and was always available to cheer us up.  When all the World was falling apart, Jack would give us his aaarf, aaarf, aaarf bark that meant, "Come on over here and give me a Smooch and Rub my ears for as long as it takes for you to feel better."


Our World changed the day we rescued Jack.  He was starved and only had one eye.   He had wandered up to someone's home, barely able to stand in Virginia.  We were rescuing a hydrocephalus puppy and agreed to take Jack to give him a chance.  Jack's Thoracic area had been crushed in his spine.  It looked like someone had hit him with a bar across his back. We took Jack to the ER, did an MRI, and then did the surgery.   Jack never regained his ability to walk and soon lost his ability to use the bathroom without us expressing his bladder and bowels.  


That was two years ago.   We never regretted rescuing Jack and all that was required to keep him healthy and happy.  We adored this special pup and his unbelievable Will to Live.   No matter what hardships Jack had to endure, we were by his side. He knew unconditional Love from sun-up to sun-down. Jack was our constant Companion.


Jack's Mind was sharp as a tack.  He would look at you from across the room with his one eye, and you would stop in your track and run to see what he needed.  It usually revolved around food.   He could talk us out of a treat quicker than any dog I have ever met.   To say he was food motivated, understated just how obsessed with food he was.


In the last few weeks, Jack would rally one minute and then was unable to move the next.  Each day, I thought today would be the day, and then our sweet boy would turn his head with his one good eye, and I knew in that instant he was still our Jack.


This scenario played out almost daily for a month.  We would come up with new ways to get Jack moving, so he had the best Quality of Life.  On his final day, there was nothing we could do to get Jack up and moving.  As much as Jack wanted to move, he could barely push himself up much less move forward.   His only option was to remain in place unless we carried him or pulled him in our Little Red Wagon.


Deciding to help Jack cross over was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in a very long time.  Jack was mentally alert and was aware of everything around him.  The rest of his body no longer functioned.   I knew in my mind what needed to happen, but my heart was shattered into a thousand pieces.  It was a horrible day, wishing and hoping for Jack to move so I could stop the Wheels in Motion I had mentally started.


That moment did not come.   What Jack did was eat Prosciutto and Salami in his last two hours and was in dog Heaven with all of the beautiful smells.   Eating did not require anything but his ability to see the food or smell it.  I believe he would have eaten all day if we had allowed it.


When the time came, he was surrounded by everyone that loved and adored him.  He had been on a long wagon ride with the breeze blowing his big ears with Jeri.   Life was good for Jack.  He took a crippled Life and gave it meaning.  He restored our Faith in Hope and Love daily.


It has taken me three days to write this note.  I have cried so many tears that I have had to increase my water consumption to compensate.   It is impossible to type when your eyes are crying, and your nose will not stop running.  I often say, "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure."   One-Eyed Jack was more than our Treasure.  He was our Soul-Mate.  Jack and all the others like him are the reason we do what we do.  So much Humility and Grace can be learned from these selfless creatures that love unconditionally.


Jack got his Angel Wings long before the day we said good-bye.   He was an Angel on Earth that reminded us daily never to give up or give in to hardships.   Our sweet boy is so much a part of Noah's Arks Rescue that I can still hear his aaarf, aaarf, aaarf.   Tonight when all the World is sleeping, go outside and you too will hear Jack Baying from Heaven.


These are challenging times for everyone dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic.   Rescue Groups cannot have Adoption Events because of crowds.  We are solely operating on a Wing and a Prayer.  Please, look over all of our dogs and consider welcoming one into your home.  We desperately need to find homes for these beautiful pups.


We had to close Fetch Mkt. and have now gone to reduced hours.  We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 12-4.  That gives us time to sterilize all of the surfaces.  No one is allowed in the store without using our sanitizer.  Almost all of the items in the store are now online.   Please support Fetch Mkt. so we can keep our doors open.  I promise you will love every item you purchase from us.   100% of the profits go toward saving the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.  We are a Purchase with a Purpose Store.


We are still helping abused dogs in need.  We never turn our backs on them, please don't turn your backs on us.  Make a Donation in Honor of Jack and all the others in our care.   Your Love and support are greatly appreciated and needed.

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