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We just love showing off a dog that feels great after being so incredibly sick.  Our Adoption Coordinator, Jeri took this video when she was greeted by dear jack ready for his breakfast this morning.  It is hard to believe Jack was on Death's Door two weeks ago.   His bladder Infection is resolved and he appears to be back to his normal cheerful loving self.  

Jack is very special to us as are all of our pups but especially the ones that will live out their lives at our Rehab Facility.  Our Facility is not like a Kennel environment.   It is more like a home for loving members of a Family that has a very big Living Room for running around and playing.  Our kitchen is just like a regular kitchen only smaller where all of the Meds are kept and the food is mixed for the dogs before it is distributed.


Mornings mean two things to these pups, they get to go outside to go to the bathroom and they get fed.  The most important to them is they get to eat.  You can tell by this video how excited Jack is to eat.  He was sleeping in the area by the Underwater Treadmill by the back door.   All he is thinking about is FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD.   This makes us very happy since he quit eating while he was in the hospital.   He has finally gotten his appetite back since he has been back with us at the Rehab Facility.

Each morning we are greeted by the most amazing pups.  We are also greeted by some accidents but that is okay since that is to be expected given the Medical Abuse cases we have.  All of our pups are happy and not stressed out in the Sanctuary we have created for them.  Life is Good at Noah's Arks Rescue if you are one of our Special Pups.

Thanks for caring about all of our Pups as much as we do.  Be sure and watch the video of Jack helping Jeri make breakfast for the pups..




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