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Parvo Pups

MANNING, SC.....There are Bad Days in Rescue, and then there are Horrible Days.  Today was the latter.  This has to be one of the most frustrating, heart-breaking days I have experienced in a while.   An e-mail came across around Noon asking for help for 13 MinPin/Chihuahua Mix puppies.  The note said, "This litter of 13 Min pin/chihuahua mixes will have to be PTS in the next hour if someone does not COMMIT now. They are owner surrender and have to LEAVE NOW! Some are lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, filled with worms. I started on Panacur, but some are vomiting it back up. They are about two months old."   Pictures were sent to show how bad the pups were.  I felt certain all of the Rescues for small dogs in the area would rush in and each save one of them.  WRONG...WRONG...WRONG.


I sent the Adoption Coordinator a note to see if these pups were taken care of and was shocked to hear they ALL needed help.  The Shelter in Manning, SC is an open outside kennel area.  These sweet pups arrived yesterday from a Breeder that surrendered them, and they were put in the only area they had.  By the morning, some were very sick, and some had died.  I started calling everyone I knew to see who could get there to pick the puppies up.  Two hours later, I finally had someone on the road.  I then started calling every ER Facility I worked with and begged.  I then called the other ER facilities and begged for anyone to take in some of the potential Parvo pups.


By the time the Transport got there, three of the tiny puppies had died.  I had ten left, and four were critical.  Carolina Vet. Specialists in Matthews, NC agreed to take seven and Charleston Veterinary Referral Center agreed to take three.  Parvo pups require full quarantine and 24-hour care with fluid pumps going all the time and a full Vet. Staff looking after them with medications.  The cost to save one Parvo pup is prohibitive.  Saving thirteen is almost impossible.


Noah's Arks Rescue has RESCUE in the name because that is what we do and who we are.  I feel like thirteen Rescues could have each grabbed one of these pups and tried to save that one pup but that did not happen.  I am five hours away and was able to get someone on the road to help them.  I am beyond upset about these puppies.  This should have never happened.  This so-called Breeder should be put in JAIL.   I DO NOT know who the breeder is but will post as soon as I find out.  


I made arrangements with the only two places that were willing to help.  Ten puppies have just arrived at CVS in Matthews, and they have each been taken into the Hospital.   The most critical will be treated immediately to see if there is any chance we can save them.  If they are not strong enough to survive, they will be humanely PTS in the arms of the staff.  While the Critical Care Team is working on the worst four pups, the ER Team will be stabilizing and working on the other six puppies.  Only the stable pups will be sent to Charleston, SC.


This is going to be a long, long night for everyone.  The ER Specialists, Vet Techs, Hospital Chiefs and Driver will be at this all night.  I never imagined it would be this difficult to save thirteen puppies with Parvo with so many great Rescues out there.   I now know I can't save thirteen.  I still have a chance at saving ten beautiful puppies that should have never been brought into this World without proper medical care.  These puppies have suffered tremendously while this so-called Breeder only thought about money.


I am now BEGGING for each of you to please DONATE toward the unbelievable Medical Bills that are getting ready to pile up.  One Parvo pup is bad, but ten is something even I never thought I would have to Fund, but here we are.  I am BEGGING for ten pups.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Help me save them.  We are all they have, and YOU are all we have.  Say a Prayer for the ones that have already passed and the ones fighting to live.


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