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Parvo Pups

The last four days have been gut-wrenching.  The Vet Techs have named all of the puppies they have been working tirelessly to save.  The four pups at CVS in Matthews, NC are Ace, Luke, Lorelei, and Dean.  The four pups at CVRC in Charleston, SC  are Felicity, Camden, Jimi, and Mason.    Six pups are still holding their own, but adorable tiny Dean lost his battle yesterday.  


I felt terrible for the ICU Vet Techs, Lexi, and Jess that had been with Dean since the beginning.  They knew it was the right thing to do under the circumstances because he was losing all neurological function, but it was a terrible decision.   I believe in my heart each of these little Angels that passed knew they were loved in the end.  They did not suffer alone.  They were loved and cuddled until their final breath.   The three remaining at CVS are getting stronger each day, and we feel the worst is over for them.   We now have to build up their immune systems.


We have three pups at CVRC that are doing well.  Mason is on a feeding tube and unfortunately, is not showing signs of improving.  If he does not improve, we will have to say good-bye to him sometime during the night.  The puppies that were hit the hardest appear to be from the same litter.  If Mason passes, then all of the pups from that litter would have died.  The other three pups are each becoming more vocal and starting to take food in without throwing it up.   There is still hope that Mason can come out of this.  I am not going to give up on him until I am sure we have done all we can.


We started out hoping to save thirteen.  Several died before we could get them out of the Shelter.  The others died right after they arrived the Hospital.   The fact we still have six puppies that are showing improvement is a Miracle.  It is all about timing and how long they had been sick before we got to them.  Mason had obviously been sick much longer than the others which is why he is still struggling.


I am hoping and praying that the six puppies that are improving can be moved out of ICU tomorrow and put in regular Hospital Quarantine.  Mason will have to remain in ICU.    The bills are so beyond anything you can imagine that I decided there was no point in thinking about it.  Saving the puppies has been my primary focus from the beginning.  The money stuff I will just have to figure out once they are out of the Hospital which will be a while.   The word MIRACLE has seven letters, and that is how many little Miracles we have that are still with us.


Please, keep these little Angels in your Prayers and if you can afford to Donate anything, please, do.  Your Love and Support is always greatly appreciated more than you know.  You are a Breath of Sunshine during the darkest Storm.

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