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Parvo Pups

Saving these adorable defenseless puppies has taken a toll in so many ways on everyone involved.  The ones most affected are the incredible Vet Techs that watch them suffer and do everything possible to ease their suffering but can't.  Our prayers go out to each person that is caring for these innocent puppies.


Canine parvovirus is a particularly deadly disease among young puppies, about 80% fatal, causing gastrointestinal tract damage and dehydration in very young puppies. It is spread by contact with an infected dog's feces. Symptoms include lethargy, severe diarrhea, fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, and dehydration.   These sweet pups came in with the worst diarrhea imaginable.  On top of the virus, they were loaded with intestinal parasites and fleas and unfortunately, ringworm on top of that.


Parvovirus is a preventable disease.  All it takes is giving puppies proper vaccinations when they are very young.  The fact someone didn't even consider the consequences is beyond inhumane.  I spoke to the Adoption Coordinator at the Shelter and wanted to know if Animal Control had charged anyone with this abuse.  Animal Control informed her that the woman did not break any laws in their County.  There are no mandatory laws that require individuals to spay / neuter their dogs and NO vaccinations are required other than rabies.  This person has active parvo in her home and yard.  She spreads it every time she drives or walks any place.  She can infect innocent pups everywhere she goes.  She could drive three states over, get out of her car and leave a trail of parvo behind.


The fact no one seems to recognize this as a problem is beyond me.   The virus can live for months.   If I lived in this county, I would demand something be done to prevent other puppies from getting this.   Why are there no laws governing the protection of these innocent creatures?   If this person is not knowledgeable, then the Animal Control Officers need to educate her so the virus can be killed where she lives.   I am upset that something so basic is being ignored in our Society.  I live in South Carolina, and this is incomprehensible.   It is like someone that has MRSA walking around and not taking any precautionary measures to prevent innocent people from contacting it.


Today was a better day for five of the eight puppies.  Two of the weaker ones had to have transfusions, and another one will probably have a transfusion tomorrow if she does not start responding.    The care they are getting is 24/7.   Someone is with them at all times in their quarantine clothing.  The Vet Techs are doing everything they can to love on these little Angels while they are in the room taking vitals and giving meds.   You have to be in full gear, or you are not allowed in the area to prevent spreading the virus.  All of the pictures are taken through glass to present contamination.   The fact we have five pups that are showing signs of recovery is amazing.  Tomorrow will tell us a lot about how many will actually make it.  


Please, say a prayer for the eight Angels that are still with us.   If you have already Donated and have Friends that could help, please forward this e-mail or Facebook post to them.  We need all the help we can get.  Please, remember, we do not have one puppy with Parvo in ICU / Critical Care, we have eight.  They are each getting the same amazing Medical Care.  Sadly, there is no group rate for more pups.  They each have to be separated and in their own ICU kennel while they are sick.


Thanks for your continued Love and Support for these tiny puppies.

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