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Parvo Pups

I am happy to report that we have six pups that we feel the worst is over.  We lost tiny Mason after doing everything possible to save him.  I finally decided it was time to let this adorable little angel go.  We had done transfusions, feeding tubes, and everything we could think of and he was still not able to fight off what Parvo had done to his system.  The lining of his stomach was almost gone.  He was wrapped in the arms of the Vet that had been looking after him when he crossed over.


The remaining six puppies are doing well and beginning to act like normal puppies that have been sick.   They will be shedding the Parvo Virus for about another week and will be contagious with Ringworm for four more weeks.  We have to get two clean cultures showing the Ringworm is gone before they can be removed from Quarantine.


The amount of Medical Care that has gone into saving these sweet pups has gone beyond anything I have ever seen, and I have seen more than most.  Don't get me wrong we have had dogs in hospitals for almost six months, such as Freckles with constant surgery and ICU.  The difference is that he did not have to be quarantined.  The 24-hour care to make sure none of the pups go backward has taken a toll on everyone involved.   We have gone through boxes on top of boxes of quarantine gear and disinfectants to make sure no other animal is infected and we still have another month to go.   We have had to make sure each Vet Tech and Staff is protected at all times from getting Ringworm which is highly contagious to Humans.


I get asked every day if I had it to do all over again, would I have taken the pups and the answer is still the same, YES.   We save abused animals.  As complicated and gut-wrenching as this process has been, I believe Life happens exactly the way it is supposed to.  There are no accidents.  We were meant to go through this process because I know if someone else had stepped up, all thirteen pups would have died.


The Medical Bills associated with this undertaking is beyond anything you can imagine.   No other Rescue or individual would have been allowed to have such a large bill and still get medical care for the pups.  Carolina Vet Specialists in Matthews and Charleston Veterinary Referral did everything possible to help us with this huge undertaking.   I personally guarantee all bills for Noah's Arks Rescue.  No matter how long it takes to pay them off, I always do and keep saving animals in the process.   Saving animals keeps us busy 24 hours a day.  The good news about that is there is very little time to ponder over what ifs or worry about the bills because we are too busy saving animals.


We still have the pups in quarantine receiving medical care and will for the next month.   Donations are critical right now so we can continue with the other dogs that we have and can still help those in need.  We have taken a big hit with these pups, but we will get through it and will be stronger and wiser because of it.  Any  Donation is greatly appreciated to help us with these bills.


We have already received applications that have been approved for Lorelei, Felicity, and Luke.   Ace, Jimmi, and Camden are still available to adopt.   The puppies cannot go to their new homes until the final negative Ringworm culture comes in.   If you are interested, you need to fill out our Adoption Application ASAP to be considered.   Thanks for caring and making their Journey to Heal and find Love, possible. 

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