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Parvo Pups

We are going on thirty hours since I got the first notice of the Parvo Pups needing help.  Two of the little Angels crossed over The Rainbow Bridge in the arms of the greatest Vet Techs around right after they arrived at Carolina Vet Specialists in Matthews, NC.    Carolina Vet evaluated all of the pups when they first arrived and took the worst four and got the other four back on the road to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  They arrived at CVRC around 11:30 PM.  We had a Team of Critical Care Specialists that were waiting for their arrival so they could immediately start their care and get them stable.


Each Hospital had a full staff working all through the night to save these precious little pups.  Everyone had to be fully suited up to make sure they did not spread parvo any place in the hospital.  The pups had non-stop diarrhea and were covered in it which is how it is spread.   They were each covered with fleas, and some also appear to have Ringworm which is also contagious.  Each puppy was started on meds and IV fluids.  They are each considered critical but two of the puppies and having a very difficult time.  The two pups on the left side are the worst ones.  One is at each hospital.


You can't tell by the pictures, but each pup's average weight is between two and three pounds.  One of the largest fluffy ones is five pounds.  The Vets have determined that these are puppies from three different litters all between six to eight weeks old.  The person that brought them in has obviously got a very serious outbreak of parvo and possibly distemper.   Anyone that has a young dog near where she had the puppies is at risk for contacting Parvo.   What this horrible person has done is wrong on so many levels that it is hard to grasp this is actually happening.


A simple vaccination would have taken care of all of this.   A hundred dollars spent wisely would have saved the lives of the pups we have already lost and not put the others at risk.   I have been doing Rescue for almost fifteen years and have never seen such a heartwrenching NIGHTMARE.   Parvo shouldn't be a Death Wish, but it appears it is for thousands of innocent puppies.  Once I get them well, they will still be in quarantine while they are shedding the Virus.  I am now working on the next phase of this undertaking.


 It will be weeks before they get out of the hospital and the sad fact is they will not all make it out alive.   The next 48 hours will tell us a lot.  Parvo pups will improve, and then suddenly go down hill quickly.  The only good news I have is that eight of the pups are alive and in the hospital getting the best medical care money can buy.   It is a Miracle eight of them made it to the Hospital ALIVE.


Thanks for all the help with these little Angels.  Each pup has 24-hour care and their very own Vet Tech and Vet monitoring their every move and Vitals.  If a pup shows any sign of distress, they will be all over it.   We need for everyone to Pray for Eight Miracles.  


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