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Parvo Pups

I can't believe it has been four-months since we originally rescued the Parvo Pups.  We started out by doing everything we could to rescue and save 13 helpless pups that were on Death's Door.  By the end of the night after Life-Saving procedures, we had eight pups that were fighting to live. The five we lost cost us thousands of dollars during the wee hours of the night, and we still could not save them.  The eight puppies were split up between two Critical Care Hospitals, Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC and Charleston Veterinary Referral Center in Charleston, SC.


For the next two weeks, the pups were in ICU in Quarantine.   The amount of Time, Love and Medical Care it took to save them is something everyone involved should be very proud of. Doctors, Vet. Techs and Vet Assistants stayed up with them all during the night to show them Love and to give them the WILL to Live.  Over the next two week, we had to say good-bye to two more pups.  We had gone above and beyond for these two tiny delicate Angels, and  Parvo won.  Their compromised immune systems never came back strong enough for them to overcome what was happening to their bodies daily. 


We were now down to six little Angels that were fighting to be here and appeared to be WINNING.  We soon discovered in addition to the Parvo; each puppy also had Ringworm which is another highly contagious Disease.  The Ringworm Quarantine was going to be much longer than the Parvo Quarantine.  After a month in ICU, the pups were finally able to come to us at the Rehab Facility in a separate adjoining building we rented.  They could not have any contact with any of our other dogs, could not be near any of the grass areas they used, and anyone working with the pups had to be suited up and then decontaminated before leaving the building.


This was a logistical Nightmare that had to be followed to the T.   We had helped lots of Parvo Pups over the years, but they remained in the Hospitals until they could be placed.  Because there were so many puppies with Parvo, that was not possible since the Hospitals needed the quarantine areas for other sick animals which we understood and respected.  For the next three months we loved, nurtured, medicated, cleaned up after, bathed, soaked in medication and did whatever was required all in a hot yellow cloak to make sure each one lived.


Well, I am proud to say the final three pups that were in quarantine have just now been released and they are allowed to play with all of the other dogs.  FREEDOM at last.  The Quarantine is OVER.  Each pup is clear of the Ringworm and anything else we discovered during this time.  They are now ready to be spayed or neutered and can be placed into their new homes.  Several were cleared a couple of weeks ago and are with their new Families awaiting their final shots and surgeries.


I get asked DAILY if I knew what I knew now about the pups and the financial obligation that it took to save them, would I have taken them on. The answer is always the same.  Definitely YES.   I only wish we had thirteen pups that had survived instead of only six.   I never look back and always look for what was learned during the process that can save more animals in the Future.  We learned a lot if we are ever in this situation again.


In the meantime, we have to raise funds to pay off all of the Medical Bills we have accumulated and the ones we will have for their surgeries. Please, DONATE whatever you can so we can continue saving abused animals. 

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