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FAYETTEVILLE, NC......Sweet Boone is a two-year-old Pitbull Mix that was picked up by Cumberland County Animal Control.  He was picked up as a stray that was seen barely able to walk down a road.   We were Boone's only chance at getting out because of his condition.   No other Rescue was willing to take on his medical because of his condition, so we agreed to take on that responsibility and take him under our wing.   The pain and suffering this young dog has endured at the hands of people that call themselves Humans is unimaginable.  


We all know what emaciated looks like, well Boone's body has gone way past that point.   Boone was immediately picked up and taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC where he was put in ICU.  Boone's bloodwork came back just as we had expected, horrible.  How this sweet dog was still alive is from nothing more than sheer WILL.   His body had already started the shut-down process.   All of his organs were in the final dying stage before he crossed over, but Boone was not giving up.   I always say that an animal can give up and die at any time.  They are only alive because of their WILL to live.    If an animal is fighting as hard as they can to be here, then I am going to fight alongside them and do my part to give them the best chance possible.   


Boone was immediately started on transfusions and fluids to get him stable.   While this was happening, the Specialists started cleaning his wounds that were gaping holes with bones protruding that were terribly infected.   The Specialists worked all through the night to get our dear boy stable and comfortable.   The next stage was to get him to eat without setting him up for Refeeding Syndrome.    He was given small amounts of food all through-out the day and night.    Boone survived the first night and is still in ICU fighting.  His body is loaded with infection, but the best news of all is that his eyes are beginning to look a little brighter, and we are now getting a little tail wag.   


We know most people would have put him down.  I feel strongly that an animal that has fought this hard to stay alive should not be let down when help finally arrives.   We are giving Boone the best possible medical care and love any animal could hope for.   Please, DONATE toward his extensive medical bills so we can continue his Medical Care and he can remain in ICU until he is well enough to get out.   He is a very young pup that has a Lifetime ahead.    He deserves the same medical and unconditional love all of our animals get.   Please, do whatever you can and if you can't DONATE at this time, forward to ALL of your Animal Loving Friends, so they have a chance to Help.    Boone's time is running out, and he needs us NOW.

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