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I am happy to report that sweet Boone is still with us.  We were not sure if he would survive the night, but he is proving that a strong WILL can accomplish a lot.  The ONLY reason he is still alive is his determination not to give up.   Dogs are the most amazing creatures.   They endure unimaginable pain and suffering and still have the will to live.  


Boone's infection was so deep that the Specialists had to put on our Wound Vacuum System to get the infection out of his body.  Without the machine, he was becoming septic, and his chances of surviving were very slim.   This expensive little device we bought when we first got Freckles.   It has paid for itself ten times over and has saved a lot of animals.   We keep one at CVRC to be used on any animal that needs it and have one we travel with to go to other hospitals.   You can see Boone with his leg wrapped in the bandages and the vacuum attached in several of the pictures.  

Sweet Boone is a delight to work with.  He loves everyone and has not given any of the Vet Techs or Surgeons anything but lots of kisses.   He knows we are here to save him and are willing to do whatever it takes to give him the best chance of surviving.


Our dear boy has several bandage changes during the day under mild anesthesia.  All of the dead skin has to be removed so new skin can granulate in.   Boone's blood levels are in the low normal range and appear to be holding.   His albumin level is low normal and also holding steady which is amazing considering how he was when he arrived.   We are hopeful his large wound can be surgically closed in the next couple of days.   We have several cultures pending to make sure he is on appropriate antibiotics for the bacteria he is growing.   Boone's weight is still very low and will be for the next week while his body is getting rid of all the parasites he had.   The shelter where he came from said they have never seen a dog with so many fleas and parasites.   His skin and fur were covered from top to bottom.   His anemia came from all the parasites on and in his body feeding on him.   Once they are all gone, his blood level should get more in the normal range.


Boone is still getting lots of very small meals.  His electrolytes are not normal but are remaining stable which is what we want.   As his body slowly adapts to food, that will improve.  What we don't want are high and low swings from eating too much.  Re-feeding syndrome is very difficult to overcome in an animal like Boone.    Your chances of losing an animal go up if that happens.   Boone has enough going on without throwing that into the mix.


Our dear boy is still in critical condition and will remain in ICU.   He needs all the prayers he can get to survive this.   Boone is in the most expensive area of a hospital, ICU and will remain there for a while.  Please, Donate toward his care and share with your Friends so he can remain in ICU for as long as is necessary.

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