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If you look at the pictures of Boone today, you would still think of him as emaciated.   He is because he was so far gone when we rescued him.   Boone did not have any muscle mass, and that is one of the things we have to build back and that takes a long time.  Boone is eating all the time, but it is controlled eating so he does not get Re-Feeding Syndrome which he is still in danger of getting.   Our dear boy continues to gain rate at a steady pace that has been set by his Specialists.   Boone has to remain in the hospital while he is still in the shape he is in because his condition is not normal.  He still requires lots of testings to make sure his vitals do not shift in the wrong direction.   His vitals are still not normal, and we are not expecting them to normalize for another month until his weight becomes more normal.


The other major issue we are dealing with is that he still has a nasty infection near the wound site we are dealing with.  He developed a seroma that burst at the top of where the surgery was done to close the gaping wound.   He is on lots of antibiotics but it is going to take a while to get that to go away.  He has to be tested regularly to make sure his kidneys and liver values do not go up because of the antibiotics he is on.   The good news is that his anemia has improved, and we have not had to give him any new transfusions.  As you can see from the video, sweet Boone is very food motivated.   If we left food out, he would eat non-stop.   That would kill him because his organs are not equiped to process food like it does for a healthy dog.   Boone looks really thin because he is but he is so much healthier than he was when we first got him.


Boone's Medical Bills are mounting and are much higher that we have raised FUNDS for.  Please, consider making a donation for him.   He will be in the hospital for probably two more months getting extensive medical care and testing during that time.  We have to have the ability to pay his bills and take care of all the others we have.  Your Donation is what makes that possible.   Thanks for trusting us with the love and care these wonderful animals require.   We make sure each animal has the best possible medical care to Survive and Thrive and surround them with unconditional LOVE.

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