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Our sweet Hooch has not shown much progress since we did the Cytosar Infusion.   This sweet dog breaks our hearts a thousand times a day.   He walks around in circles for most of the day and can sleep at night which is a comfort to each of us.  It is as if he is waiting for the Family that turned him into us to come back and pick him up. I have repeatedly asked for them to let him come home while we are doing these procedures and they refuse to.   We have not seen one sign of any aggression in Hooch.   He is sweet and loving but is more disoriented than anything.


I spoke to Dr. Bergman, our Neurologist in Matthews, NC to get his opinion and to see if there was anything else we could do to help this sweet dog.  He agreed to re-evaluate him today and come up with a better plan.   Hooch arrived at Carolina Vet Specialists just in time for Doggy Birthday Cake.   Dr. Bergman has reviewed his MRI and test results and thinks we have to give him more time to allow the infusions to work.  He also thinks we have to increase his prednisone to get the inflammation down.   He is going to keep Hooch in the Hospital while they are doing the Cytosar infusion and will have him thoroughly evaluated by the Neurology Team.


We love this big Goof Ball and feel terrible for him.  The only people he knows are the Family that has had him for the past two years.  We are not going to put him down because he is sick.  He deserves more than that.  We are going to be looking for another Family to possibly Foster Hooch so he can be in a home environment.  Noah's Arks Rescue Rehab Center is great, but it is not ideal for a dog with a Neurological Deficit.  He needs to be with someone that is home a lot during the day time or at least in a place where he can become familiar.  Familiarity is the one component that seems to ease the unrest animals like Hooch appear to have.


He will remain in the hospital until Dr. Bergmam thinks he is stable enough to come back to us.  If Dr. Bergman does not see the improvement, he is hoping to see over the next week, he will do another MRI and go in to do a brain biopsy.  The biopsy will let us know exactly what we are dealing with and will rule out cancer or fungal.   Before a brain biopsy can be done, we have to do another MRI, so the Surgeon knows exactly where to remove the tissue for the biopsy.   That would be our final diagnostic test.   A Brain Biopsy can give us a Diagnosis but it also has it's own set of Risks and Complications.   We are treating Hooch as if we know what the diagnosis could be to see if he responds to the medications.  If he does not, that helps us narrow it down.   Please, DONATE toward his Care so we can keep helping this amazing dog.   We see dogs like Hooch live Normal lives.   We just have to surround him with all the Love in the World until he gets through this difficult time.


Please, keep Hooch in your thoughts and prayers. He is an amazing dog that did everything right.H e was the perfect Gentlemen that went through unbelievable hardship and abuse before coming to us.  He was in the hospital for months healing from all the abuse and neglect. He had a Family and another dog to play with all the time. He now is confused and scared and does not have a clue what is going on.  I wish there were more we could do for him.  If anyone thinks they would be a great foster for this sweet boy, please drop us a note.   Thanks for Caring.


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