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TROY, ALABAMA........We were contacted about an adorable ten-week-old Sable German Shepherd Puppy that it appears has been stabbed in her spine and cannot walk.   Emma has two puncture wounds that have gone all the way into her spine and fractured the spine and damaged her spinal cord.   We wanted to believe the puncture wounds were from a dog bite.    Since she only has two punctures that are far apart, we believe that someone intentionally did this to sweet Emma.  The punctures appear to be about a week old and look like she was stabbed with something the size of a pencil or thin knife blade.   Emma had been abandoned down a dirt road where she had dragged herself into the middle of the road.    She was picked up by a Good-Samaritan and taken to a Vet in the area.   Based on her condition, the Vet wanted to put her down.    We were contacted to save her Life.


We had sweet Emma taken to our Neurologist in Savannah, GA where she was thoroughly scanned and evaluated.   Right now, Emma cannot walk and is in terrible pain.  Her rear spinal column is very unstable because of the injury and her age.   We have to stabilize her spine to get her comfortable and to give her the best possible chance of walking again.    Emma is going to be a big dog when she grows up, and she has to have the surgery now or her chances will not be good for walking.   


Emma is the sweetest little Angel that did not deserve what has happened to her.    Dr. King has scheduled her surgery for Monday afternoon.   That has given us time to raise her funds and to get the money we will need for her surgery.   We will then have to raise funds for her extensive Rehab.    Please, help us raise what we need for this extensive procedure.   Emma is a baby that should be running around and playing.  Surgery is her only chance of walking, and we are going to give her that chance.    Give as much as you can and if you cannot donate at this time, please, forward to your animal loving friends.   Thanks for caring and being part of her Journey to walk again.

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