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Sweet Emma wanted to wish everyone a great 4th by showing off her new skills in the pool.   Small steps have to begin somewhere.  For the last six months, dear Emma has gone through agonizing Physical Therapy to counteract the muscle and tendon contracture she has in her rear legs.   The contractures had begun way before we rescued her.  Once her spinal surgery was done to stabilize her spine, her Physical Therapy began in earnest.   Her only chance of ever walking normally again was to break down the scar tissue that had formed.  The tissue was preventing her from bending her legs.   After months of rehab and having custom braces made for her legs, we now realize her condition cannot be reversed.   The frustration this has caused poor Emma has made me change her rehab in a totally different direction.


Emma is not incontinent and can use the bathroom just like any other dog.  She has learned to lift her rear legs in a sweeping motion so they can move from one side to the other.  Because Emma is still growing, we are having special carts made for her.   She will now be a cart baby.   All of her exercises will be geared toward that.   She can scoot around on the floor dragging her rear legs quickly, but that is not what is best for her long-term care.  When she is in the home, she can use the cart or wear a drag bag that prevents her from getting raw spots on her skin.


Our dear girl loves everyone.  She is now in Basic Training so she can be placed in a wonderful home where she will be loved and adored for how incredible she is.   She will be living with our Trainer, Alison Armao for one month and then will hopefully go directly into a new home.   We are now taking applications for this amazing dog in hopes that by the time her training is up, she will have a home.    Alison is teaching Emma how to swim in the pool, and she has now started using her rear legs.   Her legs will never bend, but they will get stronger which will enable her to stand on her legs and walk as a tripod occasionally.   Emma's Medical Care and her training have gone above and beyond what we have raised for her.  We are desperate for funds to cover her expenses each week.   Please, help us with her continued care.   


If you want, a big beautiful German Shepherd in your Life that loves other dogs and will put a smile on your face daily, please, fill out her Adoption Application.    She will inspire you hourly to never to give up or give in to adversity.    Her Life has been filled with hardships.   We didn't get the results we wanted, but we got what was needed for dear Emma to live a long, healthy Life.   This was all made possible because of your generosity.   Thanks for making her Journey possible.

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