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Sweet Emma has certainly kept us on our toes staying on top of her pain meds.  One-minute something works, and the next nothing works.  We have all had to think outside the box for this adorable little pup.   We even had her scanned again to make sure the nothing had moved since her surgery.  Everything still looks perfect, and her spinal area is beginning to fuse together which is what we wanted.  The good news is that she has been completely comfortable for the last four days without any time slots where the pain came back.   The problem with the pain level is that she has to be comfortable for us to do rehab on her legs.   If we do not do the rehab, her rear legs become rigid, and that is something we do not want.   We have to keep her legs moving with passive resistance from the Physical Therapist to keep her flexible.  The last three days have been very promising, and we are finally thinking her pain level is decreasing.


Emma still has a long road ahead because of her age and her injuries.   We feel confident we will eventually get her walking, it is just a matter of keeping her comfortable and happy.   Since she is such a young pup, all she wants to do when something hurts is to be perfectly still and not move one millimeter.   She does that quite well, which is what we do not want her to do.    Sweet Emma is not lacking for love and affection.  She gets that all throughout the day.  The Vet Techs would rather spend time loving on her than doing her Rehab because it makes her uncomfortable, but they are all doing it.   The difference between last week and this week is that when we put her in a standing position, she will remain there with very little assistance from us.  She could not do that last week.  We have posted a video of her doing her Rehab while standing to show how far she has come.


All in all, we are making slow but steady progress, and Emma is learning we are here to help her.   Her appetite has returned, and she seems to be much happier over-all.   


Thanks for caring and being part of her amazing Journey to Walk.

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