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We are long over-do for an update on Emma and for that we apologize.  This sweet baby has been a very difficult case that has required a lot of Specialists. We have been working with Neurologists, Surgeons, Vets and Physical Therapists to determine what is the best course of action to get dear Emma walking.   The solution is not an easy one, and it seems like everyone has a different opinion.   After months of consulting and working with our baby, we have finally begun to make some very small progress.   The main issue we are dealing with that is preventing Emma from walking is that by the time she came to us, her legs had already become very rigid.   Her legs are rigid because lack of use caused her ligaments to  tighten and begin to pull her legs back in the opposite direction.   If you look at the pictures, her toes are curled back all the way from the tip going under.   That is caused from tight ligaments pulling them that way.    Putting the foot in a normal position caused Emma incredible pain.  In the beginning, we had to sedate her to do her physical therapy because of the pain.   We have now gotten to the point to where sedation is no longer necessary.   Every day, Emma has to have her physical therapy.   If we miss one day, her leg curls backward and we are back to square one.   


Emma's condition is heartbreaking.   We have finally come to the consensus with all of the Specialists that Emma needs a cast of her legs done and braces made.    Braces have been used in human medicine for a long time.   It is fairly new in animals, and the brace has to be made by a company that does brace for humans.   The brace serves several purposes.   The first is to hold Emma's leg in a correct position after her muscles and ligaments have been stretched and massaged.   The brace will prevent her ligaments from tightening.   Second, it will enable Emma to walk with the support of the brace.  This is all new to us and the Vets, but we have to believe this is her only chance.   Each brace set is $1500.   Emma will need several sets as she is growing.  Casts have been made of her legs and sent to the manufacturer.   It takes approx. two weeks for the braces to be made from the casts.  


Emma is the sweetest, most adorable puppy that is growing by leaps and bounds.  She is a pure breed German Shepherd that is going to be magnificent.   We are her only chance of ever walking again without incredible pain and suffering.  Emma's medical condition is going to take us a very long time to correct.   Not only do we need funds for her continued medical care, we also need a foster or home where she can go and be a puppy surrounded by unconditional love.   Emma deserves to have her home with a loving family.  We are begging for help with this wonderful dog.   We have our hands full with major abuse cases that require all of our time.    Please, help us with her care.  If you can't help financially or as a faster, please forward to your friends that might be able to help.   Thanks for caring and being Emma's Guardian Angel.

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