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​TROY, AL……Sweet Josey is an amazing dog that has lived her entire life it appears on the end of a chain.   A TOW CHAIN to be exact.   Animal Control was called out to see about a small 4 year old Pitbull that was starving and had an embedded chain in her neck.     Josey was picked up and taken to AC and then to the vet to see if she could be helped or was going to be PTS because her injuries were so bad.    We were contacted and a Volunteer brought her to our Specialists in Columbia, SC.   


The chain had literally become so embedded that it was a part of her neck with veins intertwined and skin that had grown into it.    Based on the depth of the wounds, she literally had to have been in this death trap most of her Life.    It would have eventually choked her to death and in the process prevented her from eating or drinking.   


Josey's neck is full of infection that has to be treated before her neck can be closed.   We are in the process of doing that now.   The good news is that below the infected mess is viable tissue that will begin to granulate once the infection is gone.  We should be able to close up the neck wound in another week.  Any tissue that is not viable will be removed so we have clean edges that will granulate together. 


This little pit bull is so sweet and loving.   She is a bundle of joy that can't believe she is finally free.  She was very timid at first but is now warming up to everyone and loves being curled up in someone's arms.   It is like she has never had affection before.   Josey gets along great with other dogs and loves people.  She will make a wonderful companion for a very lucky Family.


The authorities found the person that did this to Josey.   He was already in jail in another town and will there for quite a long time.  We are not sure who was supposed to be taking care of this sweet pup but she looks like she had not been fed for a very long time.


I apologize for all the e-mails.    We are simply bombarded with abuse cases that don't seem to have anyone to step up for them.    These past two weeks have been the worst weeks for animals being tortured and abandoned we have seen in a while.   We can't take them all but we do our best to help the ones we can.  It just seems like it is a never ending problem.   Thanks for helping us do what we do.    


I have learned through rescue just how messy and complicated Life can be.  Every day is not a good day but there is always something good to be found in the eyes and heart of the wounded.  They have a Soul just waiting for Love and Kindness.   I may not be able to save them all but they all deserve to be SEEN.  My favorite quote is the one below by Albert Schweitzer.  When all the World is closing their eyes, open yours to see what is really happening all around you.


Warm hugs and much love to you all,


Jennifer Smith, President

Noah's Arks Rescue 



"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight".


Albert Schweitzer


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