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Our sweet Josey is doing incredible.   She has had her surgery and has also had the staples removed from her neck.   She has done so well over the last 4 weeks that we wanted to post the progression from when we first got her to where she is now.  We even put in a picture of the surgeon joining the two sides together for everyone to see how this is done.   If you look at the picture, in order of when this happened to how she is today, start at the bottom right corner and go clockwise around.   All of her infection is gone and she has gained almost 5 pounds.  She still has more weight to gain but is slowly getting to where she needs to be.    


The other great news is that we have selected a wonderful Family for this amazing little dog.   She would have gone from a dog with no freedom and tied up all day long to a wonderful loving Family surrounded with unconditional love.  Josey is still in the hospital but will be leaving in the next week for her new home in Washington, DC.   


Thanks for caring and being part of her Journey to find unconditional love.

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