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There is never a good time to share bad news.  No matter how hard we wish it weren't true, the day comes when you must accept what you cannot change.  Our precious Josey has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  By the time we had gotten her confirmed diagnosis, she was gone.


I never thought I would be glad to have a diagnosis of Lymphoma for one of our dogs, but that was what we were wishing for when the news came in.  Josey had a rare form of cancer called hemophagocytic histiocytic sarcoma.   She was given a week to live and did not make that.  She went downhill from the minute she became ill.  There was no warning or signs of anything different until the morning she collapsed and was rushed to the ER.


We were each shocked to have her with us one minute, and the next, she was gone.  The good news is we had her for nine beautiful years, and when her time came, she did not suffer long.  We helped her cross over when she was suffering and eased her transition.  She was gone in seconds, surrounded by people who loved and adored her.


Being a Guardian of any animal is a responsibility with its rewards and hardships.  Knowing when to say goodbye is one of the most significant and challenging decisions you will ever make.  No one wants to give up on an animal; selfishly, we want their love forever. Beautiful Memories of a shared Life live on Forever.   Memories never die. They only fade with time.


When you look up at the beautiful Moonlit sky, look for our beautiful Josey running free and wild without a care in the World.


Thanks for giving Josey a life filled with unconditional love and care.   Your support enabled her to have that for nine beautiful years.


The picture of Josey is one we did over ten years ago when we put flower wreaths on some dogs.  These pictures are on the walls at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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