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Sweet Josey is doing so much better now that we have her.    After shaving and removing all of the unhealthy tissue from her wound to promote healing, we were able to find good tissue that will later enable us to join the two sides together.    Her infection is under control and her Spirits are wonderful.   This is not an easy procedure for an animal to go through and she has taken it all in stride.   After living with this gaping wound for so long, having her neck no longer hurt has got to feel wonderful.   Our little girl is starting to put weight back on and is filling in nicely.   We love and adore Josey and find it so hard to believe that someone actually allowed this to happen.  Why get a dog if you are not going to take care of them.  I do not understand the mentality or lack of that so many people have for the welfare of an animal they brought into their home.   Josey is as sweet as can be and would not have made a very good guard-dog because she loves everyone.  All she cares about is being in your lap or with her body leaning against yours all day long.   She is going to make a wonderful new addition to any Family.   

Josey has several more weeks for her wounds to heal.  As soon as we feel the infection is gone, the wound on her neck will be closed completely..  That will happen this week.


Thanks for caring and being part of her Journey to Survive and Thrive.

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