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TIBBY (Karakachan Puppy)

SURRY COUNTY, NC.....We were contacted by another Rescue that had taken on a 12-week old Karakachan Puppy.  The puppy had been attacked by another dog while at the Breeder.  The puppy was taken to the Vet in Surry to be euthanized.  The Vet did what he could for several weeks and then notified the other Rescue when he realized this was more than he could handle. Sadly this was more than the Rescue could handle which is why we were contacted.


Karakachan Dogs are some of the oldest Livestock Guarding Dogs that originated in Bulgaria.  When we were originally sent the pictures of Tibby and the medical information, we were informed she had been attacked by another dog and was paralyzed.  They said she had deep-pain and had bladder and bowel control.   We were sent x-rays but would have to do neurologic scans to determine exactly what her injuries were and what could be done to get her walking again.  Deep-pain, Bladder and Bowel Control were all great signs Tibby could regain the use of her legs.


We had been going back and forth with the other Rescue getting information until we decided this puppy could not wait any longer for help.  It was now, or never so we had Tibby taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC to see our Neurologist, Dr. Bob Bergman.   We were excited to help this adorable puppy regain her ability to walk again.   We had sent Dr. Bergman all of the information we had received from the Vet that had Tibby.   He was hopeful based on the information we had received.


Sadly, before scans were even done Dr. Bergman and the entire Neurology Team confirmed that poor Tibby did not have any deep pain and her ability to urinate and defecate on her own were impossible.  Any urine that was coming out was because her bladder was beyond full and this was over-flow.  Everyone thinks a paralyzed dog does not feel pressure when their bladder is full, but that is not true for a lot of dogs. What they feel is pain and pressure that builds when their bladder is not expressed.


Poor Tibby had a terrible Urinary Tract Infection because she was retaining urine that had become infected.   Tibby has so many medical issues going on that could have all been prevented.   We are not coming down on the Vet that tried to help her but are pointing out the fact that if a Neurologist had been contacted or a surgeon, Tibby's Spinal Cord that was damaged or compressed could have been surgically repaired.   Tibby had bit marks but nothing else we could see.


Any animal that has a Neurologic issue needs to be seen as soon as possible after the injury.  Bones join together and scar tissue forms around an injury.   The body does this to protect itself from further injury.   It is a natural process that can heal or do harm.  In dear Tibby's case, irreparable harm was done.


This big puppy that is going to get much bigger has no feeling in her rear legs.   The problem we are dealing with is she has dislocated her hip.  The other issue is she is so young that she has not had a chance to develop muscle mass which you need to protect the bony areas once an amputation has been done.  Tibby is at Carolina Veterinary Specialists where they are coming up with a plan that will give her the best possible outcome.  


Everything else about dear Tibby is perfect.  She is a happy, playful puppy that does not realize anything is wrong.  She is being treated for a horrible urinary infection that was left untreated for far too long.  Expressing her bladder and bowels are now second nature to her and us.  Life is good in Tibby's World where she is loved unconditionally and gets to play to her heart's content.


Tibby will probably be with us for most of her Life which is going to be a very long time since she is a puppy.   The breeder that had Tibby should have gotten her to Vet and had her treated instead of deciding to PTS.


Karakachan Dogs are a rare breed.  When Tibby is full grown, she will be close to 120 pounds.   She is going to need lots of carts to adjust to her size as she grows.   We already have thousands of dollars in her care.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can give this adorable puppy the best chance possible to live a long, happy Life surrounded by unconditional Love.

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