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TIBBY (Karakachan Puppy)

Adorable TIBBY is growing by leaps and bounds.  She went back to Carolina Veterinary Specialists to have her Neurology and Surgical Team decide if the rear leg that dangles should be amputated.  Tibby has no feeling in her rear legs, but one leg, in particular, is always luxated because of that.  The leg dangles and is in her way all the time.  The Reality that we are forced to look at all the time is what appears to be uncomfortable and awkward to us, may not be impacting the animal.


Our Humanness hits us in the face daily.   After much contemplation and consultation with the Specialists, it was determined there was not a right or wrong answer for Amputation. I have decided Tibby should keep her luxated leg and if she starts catching it on anything or drags it in a way that would damage the skin, we will then amputate.  If fixing the luxated hip seems like something she would benefit from then we will look into that.  For now, we are letting Tibby enjoy being a puppy.


Tibby is all puppy and loves wrestling with all of the other dogs and puppies. She can drag herself around the yards in her Drag Bag as fast as a dog with four working legs.  She chases balls and other flying objects from her cart with Wild Abandon.   When you look at this beautiful baby, you can't help but smile.   Her love for Life is infectious.    


Tibby is going to be a beautiful massive dog when she is fully grown.   She will need a new cart about every two months until she has reached her full potential.   One minute a cart is fine, and then we look out into the yard and see Tibby's rear legs flying over the wheels in the most awkward way. We go and fix the cart and then start looking for a bigger one for her.   


The other thing we have discovered is that Tibby loves to herd and nip at the other pups heels.  Her Natural Born instinct is causing some of the pups to run fast just to keep her away from their heels.  Puppies will be puppies, and as far as that goes, Tibby is all fluffy puppy.


If you had told me a year ago, I would have four dogs in carts with no bladder or bowel control and one that had lost both rear legs; I would say you were delusional.   It sounds very much like a Nightmare on a daily basis.  The Truth is we have those dogs, and it is a Joy and Blessing to share their World.  We are the lucky ones that get to experience the most helpless, living their Lives with pure Joy and Love.


We have created a Rehab Facility where they can thrive. Our growing pains have turned into Love and determination to give our best to every animal we take on.  Our dedicated Staff has jumped in with both feet and learned how to express bladders and bowels and keep these special pups healthy and happy.


For anyone that thinks a Special Needs pups might be something, they would welcome into your home; please drop us a note.  We will gladly explain what their day looks like and train you in everything you need to know for their health and quality of Life.   The most essential ingredient in all of this is a willingness to learn and to not feel sorry for these unique dogs but to open the World to them.


Your Generosity and Love gives these animals, and us Hope for a better World.  A World where bullying is not allowed to people or animals.  A place where a disabled dog is welcomed into a home and loved for their uniqueness.  Times are changing, and we are changing.  We do not see more disabled animals; we are embracing them more.


We will each get to watch this beautiful Karakachan Puppy grow into the large breed dog that she is going to be.  We may have never heard of the breed, but we have heard of neglectful Breeders.  We don't know the breeder, or we would have posted the name.   We don't support what they do or their negligence in not getting Tibby the help she needed the minute she was attacked. Tibby will never be normal because of their negligence.    What we give Tibby is a Life to feel okay and normal surrounded by people that love and adore her.  There is no greater reward for an abused animal.    

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