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TIBBY (Karakachan Puppy)

Adorable Tibby had to have surgery to remove her right rear leg along with part of her tail.  Her right leg was so disconnected along with her tail that they both became a chew toy for this blessed little Angel.  Since they had no feeling, Tibby decided along with her playmates that her tail was a toy that was always available to play with.


The other issue that has become critical is that Tibby's constant bladder infection has caused her to develop a resistant infection that very few antibiotics can cure.  We are having to re-think her care and think outside the box of what would most benefit dear Tibby.  


One of the issues that Dr. Jennifer Au, Tibby's Surgeon at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center confirmed was that expressing her bladder was very difficult because it was never full.  We believe sweet Tibby has more going on than a spinal injury.   I think her urinary tract has a genetic abnormality that is preventing it from filling properly.  Dr. Bergman agrees with Dr. Au that once Tibby heals from her amputation, we have to do further studies to determine why Tibby is always dribbling urine.


Tibby will end up having her other leg removed once we have completed her other tests.  Our sweet pup has the same issues that Archer was dealing with when it came to getting around.  They have great front limb strength, but the rear limbs are always in the way.  By removing the limbs that are a hindrance, it enables the dogs to learn forward and counterbalance on their front limbs.  They are then able to run around with their rear end hovering a couple of inches above the ground.


Removing any animal's legs is a hard decision to make. If we ever have to remove more than one limb, we get several Specialists opinion before any surgery is done.   We took the opinion of the Specialists and Vet that had worked with Tibby the most.  They both agreed Tibby's quality of Life would greatly improve without her rear limbs.


Tibby's bladder infection kept us from removing both limbs which is why we removed the one we felt was giving her the most problems.   The limb we removed is also the one we believe caused her to have constant bladder issues.  The next two weeks are critical for this special pup.   Dr. Kristin Welch was consulted on the best antibiotic to use for Tibby that would give her the results we needed without damaging her kidneys or liver.


Tibby needs a lot of prayers right now.  She has to be in quarantine for two weeks until the staples are removed and her infection has resolved.  Tibby is a young puppy that loves to play from sun-up to sun-down.   To be separated from her playmates is very difficult for her and us.  We are doing everything we can to love and cuddle with her during this time and make sure she has lots and lots of toys to play with. 


Please, DONATE whatever you can for this special pup.  Tibby is a baby that is going to need surgery and medical care to get her where she will have a great life as she gets older.  The best part is that Tibby does not have any idea she is sick or has any issues.  When Tibby's leg was removed, she came out of surgery wanting to play.   The lack of feeling in her lower body is something we have to deal with to keep her safe.  Tibby is a sweet, adorable puppy that has the rest of her Life to run and play.   Just look at her videos, and you will have a smile on your face.

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