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ARCHER (White Pitbull)

DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA.......It is not easy being a dog in this Country.   You either love and cherish them or you treat them as DISPOSABLE.   The latter is what we seem to come across all the time.   We save Abused Dogs.   We could save a dog an hour in this Country if we had the Resouces and the Ability to take on that many dogs and do it properly.   Unfortunately, that will never be possible given the ones we take on are on their Last Leg.  Each dog requires a massive Medical Bill to save them.


We get requests from all over begging for Help.  Our hearts break a thousand times a day along with our Hopes and Frustration becomes part of every day.   We are called horrible names when we can't take someone's dog that was just hit by a car.  Most Rescues understand, if we could take your animal, we would.   Then there are some that think we should answer the phone during all hours of the night and come running when they call.


We are the Last Resort for the animals we take in.  To do that properly and responsibly, we can't take on every animal we hear about.   We wish we could but more importantly, I wish more than anything, there was not a need for us.   I wish people would take care of their beloved Pets.  I wish they would keep them safe, so they don't get run over or shot when they go to someone else's properly.  I wish America would quit killing innocent people and animals.  


This does not have anything to do with who our President is at the time.  It has everything to do with who we are as Individuals.   Help your Neighbor.  Feed an animal.  Foster one that is Lost.  Protect the Innocent and Save Yourself in the Process.  Open your Hearts to those that are broken and alone.  Mankind and Animals are meant to be together.  Learn to live in Harmony.


Beautiful Archer was an innocent, carefree, white six-month-old Pitbull puppy.   He was SHOT with a high-powered rifle meant for his heart and then run over by an Automobile.   I am assuming that is the order that it happened.  If he had been hit by a car and the owner wanted to put him out of his misery, he would be dead now, and we would never know the story of beautiful Archer.


We were contacted by a Volunteer for Bigbee Humane Society.  She wanted help for a sweet pup that was paralyzed.   The Story I was told was that a Bus Driver that lived on the road where Archer lived saw him dragging himself around for almost five weeks.  She asked the Owner to either get him help or to sign Archer over to her.  The Owner would not, and the Bus Driver had to watch this innocent creature deteriorate each day.


This is in a very rural area where the laws don't seem to matter.  The Owner finally signed Archer over when he tried to STARVE Archer to Death, and he would not crawl away and DIE.  This sweet puppy was covered with sores from dragging himself around.  He did this for five weeks with a gun shot wound to his spine, a broken leg and foot and broken pelvis.   During all this time, the Owner is no longer feeding him because he wants to starve him to Death.  The pain this sweet puppy has endured is beyond anything I could ever imagine.  I don't know why or how he is still alive.   Only by sheer Hope and Determination is he ALIVE.


Archer is paralyzed from his midsection back.  The leg that is broken with a fractured foot is non-functional and infected.  This leg will have to be removed immediately to save him.   The other leg is non-functional with horrible sores, but we are planning on saving this leg.   Archer does not have bowel or bladder function.   He will have to have both expressed at set times during the day.    We will be ordering a cart for this adorable puppy once he has recovered from his surgeries.


Our dear boy never gave up.   He knew someone was going to come and save him and he was right.   A group of Volunteers helped transport him to us, and now I need our Noah's Arks Rescue Village to help us save him.   Archer has the rest of his Life to be loved and cared for.  Life in a cart is not a bad thing.  It is just part of his Story.  Archer's Life is not over; it is just beginning.   Please, DONATE as much as you can for the dear boy.   His Owner did everything possible to kill him, and we are doing everything possible to save him.  

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