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ARCHER (White Pitbull)

I am having a hard time even typing this note because it is a day, I knew was going to come.  The good news is NO ONE Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   The really heart-breaking news is we had to remove Archer's last rear leg today.   We have been dealing with the infection he had on his foot for almost three months.  We would make some headway, and then he would re-injure his foot because he cannot feel his leg.  


I consulted with every specialist around to make sure this was the right decision.  Even after I was told, amputation would be the best thing for Archer, the thought of him only having two legs tore at my heart daily.  I finally had to face the cold, hard facts that Archer's leg was not a viable, healthy leg but one that could cost him his Life.   Once this fact became obvious, I knew what had to happen.


Archer was seen by two more Orthopedic Surgeons and his Neurologist, Dr. Bob Bergman this morning.  They each agreed removal of his rear leg was what was best for Archer.  This afternoon, Dr. Michelle Nanfelt removed Archer's remaining rear leg. She was able to salvage a large muscle that was used to give him padding so he would be able to scoot around as he did before in his drag bag.   


Archer's leg had become a problem for this dear boy that was always in the way.  As much as this was going to be an adjustment for us, it was going to be a lot less of an adjustment for Archer.  This sweet boys favorite thing to do was play with the puppies and chase them from his drag bag.   His least favorite thing to do was having a cone on and having his bandage changed daily.  That will all be in the past once he heals from his last procedure.


Archer came out of his procedure with a smile on his face.  We will still be expressing his bladder and bowels as we have done before.   The Neurology Team is getting measurements so a special cart can be made for this wonderful dog.   Please, say a prayer for all he has been through and give him the strength to overcome his lastest challenge.   Archer's bills are quite extensive because of all his surgeries.  Please, Donate whatever you can to help this amazing little dog.


Archer seems to be doing a lot better than I am with his new challenge.  The good news is that he was basically already acting like he did not have any rear legs and doing just fine.   As soon as he is cleared to scoot around in his Drag Bag, we will be the first to post an update.  Thanks for caring and being his and our Guiding Light of Hope.  We need you now more than ever, but Archer is going to be just fine because he has US.


I wanted to let everyone know that we have temporarily taken down our NAR Facebook page.  We are not into bad-mouthing people and do not post private information about Adopters or any problems that might come from an Adoption.   When we see that happening with information that is not correct, we take the FB Site down.   We save Abused Animals, and that is where our attention will always be. I love Facebook when it comes to saving an Abused Animal and getting them the Medical Care they need.  I choose not to participate when it harms people or animals.  We are still here and will be using e-mails for all updates until we think it is a positive influence again.   


Thanks for understanding.  We promise to keep you well informed of all our beautiful pups.  Warm hugs....Jennifer

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