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ARCHER (White Pitbull)

I apologize for lack of communication this past week.  The snow and ice we received in our area knocked out our internet service.  They have been working all week to restore it.  Yesterday was the first day there was any hint the internet might be coming back and then sadly it went out again.  As everyone knows, we rely solely on Donations to help the Dogs in our Care.  When we can't reach out for help, that is a BIG problem for us.   The good news is as of this morning; the internet is up and running.  


Not having internet service does not mean we are not helping animals.   The phones never stop working and there is never a time when animals are not being neglected and need medical care.   We have taken in several abuse cases I will post later in the week, but this morning I need to focus on our dear Archer. 


As everyone knows, Archer had been dragging himself around for quite a long time before we stepped in to get him the medical care he needed.   The wounds on one of his rear legs were so significant that the leg had to be removed.   The other rear leg had lots of abrasions and wounds that were down to the bone that we had been treating.   His wounds had been healing nicely until sadly the one where his dew claw was flared up and he had to go to the hospital.


The infection had spread to the bone in the leg.  It was only after the infection had gotten so bad inside the leg that is started to come out.  Once we realized what was happening, he was immediately seen to get him on a stronger antibiotic and to address a new protocol for his wound care.  He was being treated for the infection he had, but a different culture began to grow that went into his bone.


For the past week, he has been on non-stop wound care to get the infection out and strong antibiotics three times a day to kill what was growing.  He has been in and out of the hospital.    He no longer has a fever, and his wound is finally showing signs of healthy skin granulating.  Yesterday was the first day in a very long, cold week that we felt like we were making progress.


To say we have been worried is an understatement.   Archer has very little feeling in his leg, but he needs his leg to help him maneuver in his cart.  He would survive without his leg, but it would not be ideal for him.   His Quality of Life would be better if he had one rear leg to help him get around.  Archer can use the bathroom on his own but to guarantee he does not have any accidents that could compromise his wound, we have been expressing his bladder and bowels at the end of the day.  This sounds complicated, but it isn't once you know what you are doing.


The next two weeks are critical for this dear boy.   He is one of the happiest boys and is not very happy with us when he can't go outside and play with the puppies all the time.  He gets short periods, but that is all until his wound has healed completely.  Once his leg heals, he can then use a drag bag to get around when he is not in his cart.  Archer loves playing with the other dogs.  He is still a puppy himself and is go, go, go from sun up to sun down which is a good thing, given all he has been through.


Archer is always going to be special needs, but that does not hold him back.  Life is Great in Archer's World.  He loves every second of the day and never has a bad moment.   His constant Smile warms our hearts daily.  He runs around in his cart like he has been in it all his Life.   Archer will be a wonderful addition to any Family that is already familiar with special needs once his wounds heal.   His Heart Healed the moment he was saved.  Please, Donate toward his continued Medical Care. 

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