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Sweet Belle suddenly became lame in her rear section and could not get up on her own.  She was rushed to the ER in Charleston where lots of tests were done. We got a Neurologist involved since she had spinal issues when we got her two years ago and had a MRSA infection in her spine.  She has been doing great since then.  After an MRI was done and all the the results came back we discovered she had a lot of change in the bones of her hip.  She had already had an FHO done so we knew it wasn't a joint problem.  We did surgery and took a biopsy of the bone that was deteriorating.  The cultures came back and unfortunately Belle's original MRSA  has come back.  We have never heard of an infection remaining in a dogs body for this long but that appears to be the case with our dear girl.  Belle is being treated for the infection and is now having to do physical therapy and laser treatment to get her moving again.   The therapy is working and our sweet girl is finally able to get up and walk around on her on.  Belle is still the Queen of the Ball and will be back to her normal loving ways ready to be adopted in the next couple of weeks.  We would greatly appreciate any donation to help us with her extensive medical care

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