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Sweet BELLE is out of the hospital.  Unfortunately, her biopsy came back positive for cancer.   Since Belle has had several bouts of MRSA Staph infection, she is not a candidate for traditional chemotherapy.  The chemo would compromise her immune system in such a way that she would be at risk for the infection coming back.  She would not be able to fight it off then.  We have her on a holistic protocol that will build up her immune system and will be removing any new tumors that come up.  She is being closely monitored for any changes that would lead us to believe the cancer had spread beyond the original site.  Her spirits are great and she has improved enough to walk on her own.  She is still on restricted exercise so the irritated area has time to settle down. Her rehab is improving her muscle tone from the stroke and is enabling her to move around and get up on her own.  We so wish we could find a wonderful home for this incredible girl.  Belle has been with us for several years.   For one reason or another she has been passed over for someone adopting another dog from us.  She needs her own special home where she can be loved for the rest of her Life.  Belle has a prey drive so she cannot be around cats or small dogs.  She may hobble but she loves to play chase with anything small.  Bigger dogs are not a problem.  Look into your heart and see if you might have what it takes to adopt this wonderful girl.  If you are concerned about future bills from any previous medical problems she has had, that is something we pick up for any of our dogs if something comes back.   We love Belle and all of our dogs.  To them, they are home but we know more is possible when they have a place whee they are part of a Family.  Thanks for caring and sharing her story of survival.  Our little beauty Queen is still here to fight another battle.

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