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Our wonderful little Lady is doing much better.  It took all week in the hospital and a lot of tests for us to finally figure out what is going on with this sweet girl.   All of her lab results came back negative for any infections.  We are elated since we were sure her MRSA Staph infection was probably raising it's ugly head again.  Belle will always be a candidate for a Staph infection since she was systemic with one when we got her.  Even though we got rid of it, the fact it was all though her body means there is always going to be a chance of it getting out of control again if she gets stressed out or gets run down.  Those are two areas we make sure do not happen with any of our dogs.   During all of the tests and scans, we did find two mammary gland tumors that we had to remove that have been sent off to see if we are dealing with cancer cells or something benign.  The results will be back in one week.  Now for the bad news, we discovered after doing a lot of Scans, MRI's and consulting with the best Neuro-Specialist around, it was determined that Belle had a STROKE.   That is what caused her to be lame on the one side and not have a lot of pain associated with it.  We are doing a ton of rehab and will have to for quite a long time to restore as much muscle control as possible from the Stroke she had.  Belle has improved quite a lot and is now able to stand up on her own and move around.  She has to be monitored closely so does not injure herself since she doesn't have as much control as she once had.   We are very optimistic about Belle's outcome.  We just have to stay on top of the rehab she has been getting with a Specialist that does Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation along with passive exercise.   We are so happy to have our wonderful girl on the mend.   We are still taking donations for her continued care which will be on-going for the next two months.  Thanks for caring and sharing her amazing story of survival.


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