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Wonderful Belle is back in ICU again.  We treated her for her last MRSA infection and she was doing great.  We took her off her medicine because her last culture came back negative for MRSA or anything.  Unfortunately, she began to limp around the other day so we decided to take her to the ER in Charleston to make sure we did not have another infection or anything else going on.  We are very cautious with any animal that has had Staph Resistant bugs in the past.  She was thoroughly evaluated and her team of doctors and surgeons decided her pain level was high enough for it to merit and MRI which was done.  The MRI showed a small area in a different area of her spine that showed some changes.  The surgeon took a sample from the area and then a Spinal Tap was done.  All of the cultures have been sent off to be evaluated and the MRI was sent to the same Radiologist to have it thoroughly evaluated and compared to her older scans.  Something is definitely brewing in her spinal column.  We now have to wait for all of the lab results to come back to see what we are dealing with.  We have had Belle for almost 3 years.  She went from barely being alive to thriving.  The MRSA infection that she had in her spinal column has been cleared up so many times that we are hoping this is something totally different.  Belle is always having to overcome something and then she bounces back.  She never gives up and keeps on going.  She is so healthy is every other way that we hate to see her in ICU again.  We have been looking for that special home for her for a long time.  She wins every cute animal photo contest and every kissing booth contest.  The one contest she has yet to win is ridding her body of the infection that has tried to cripple her since the day she was rescued.  Our sweet Angel with the most wobbly walk acts as if nothing is ever wrong.  When she falls down, she gets back up and never looks back.  Her focus is always on the loving embrace of someone ahead.  Our hearts and arms are always open for this wonderful Angel that never gives up.  Belle will remain in ICU to be closely monitored until we get all of her results back.  

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