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This amazing dog cannot get a break.  It seems like we take care of one issue and six months down the road another medical issue raises her ugly head.  Lil Mama started looking like she had put some weight on a couple of weeks ago and had shortness of breath and a cough.   We took her to see her Cardiologist, Dr. Sophy Jesty at CVRC.


At first, we thought it had something to do with Heartworm Disease that we had treated.  Dr. Jesty did a full Cardio Work-Up, and she did excellent.  She gave her something for her cough and sent us on our way.  A couple of weeks later, she had not improved and was having a harder time breathing and looked like she was bloating.  We rushed her to the Vet and had x-rays taken and then rushed her to CVRC.  Throughout a month, she had a tumor on her spleen that had grown the size of a large grapefruit and had to have emergency surgery before her spleen ruptured.  


To say we were shocked is an understatement.   This is the first time Lil Mama has ever complained and been uncomfortable.  She has lost a toe, had her legs bowed out and painful,  lost the pads on her feet and never complained once.  When one of the Vets said it might be time to put her down, I had a FIT.  This fantastic dog has endured more hardships than any dog we have had.  She has a great attitude and loves Life.   We are going to do whatever she needs medically to get her well.


We did emergency surgery on Lil Mama, and she is recovering.  I put up the picture of her tumor, but it is not pretty.    I have never seen a tumor growing at the rate this one did.  Once it started to grow, it became enormous quickly.  A biopsy has been sent out, and we are now holding our breath it is not something bad.  Say a prayer for Lil Mama that we get positive results and her tumor is benign.


Life will be great again for our special girl once she has healed.  She always takes whatever Life throws her way and deals with it with a smile and lots of kisses.   Please, Donate whatever you can for this special pup.

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