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I am happy to report that Lil Mama is doing great since her surgery.  She can now run around without being restricted.  The main issues we have been having is that her legs are bowed to such an extreme that it causes the pads of her feet to come off.  Now that may not seem like a problem but animals need the pads of their feet to keep from damaging the foot below. The other issue is keeping her feet from getting infected.  It takes about two months for the pads to grow back, so it is a big problem.  Sweet Lil Mama has had her one foot bandaged for almost six weeks so it could heal.  She has finally reached a point where she can go around with only a sock on.


This amazing dog is a work in progress. We are going to wait until after the Holidays before we do any further corrective surgery.    In January, we are going to do lots of Physical Therapy and put her in the Underwater Treadmill to see if that will help her legs become a little more normal.  She can not have any open wounds at the time of the Therapy, so we are going to do this before any further surgery.


Lil Mama is in a wonderful Foster Home where she is close by the Surgical Facility.   If she has any issues, she can be rushed in quickly.   She loves her Foster home and has decided that she is not going to leave.  She gets along with all of the other little pups but has decided that she is not going to allow any other Foster to come around.  Out of the blue, she got so upset over Cassia being there that she started to bark.   We have never heard her bark or make any sound in the nine months we have had her.  It sounded strange at first but once she got the hang of it, she did not want to stop.  So now, whenever a dog comes around that she does not know, she has a FIT.  We have decided that whatever was done to her was so horrible that she learned quickly not to make a peep.   Well, the good news is that she is so happy and loved that she has overcome her fear of barking.  She doesn't do it often but when she does, everyone has a smile on their face.


Thanks for helping us with this wonderful dog.  Her Journey is going to be a long one to straighten out all of the medical issues she has.  We are in this for the long-haul and will make sure all of her medical needs are met.  Thanks for caring.  Happy Holidays.

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