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I was so hoping I would have good news regarding Lil Mama, but sadly, we have gotten the worst news of all.  Lil Mama's tumor on her spleen came back Hemangiosarcoma.  HSA also is a deadly cancer that originates in the endothelium and invades the blood vessels.   Once cancer has spread (which it has), there is no coming back from it.


Our precious girl started out feeling great after her surgery.  She was happy and felt better than she had in a while.  Over the last couple of days, she has started to swell and retain fluid and is uncomfortable.   I have spoken to all of her specialists to determine if there is something we can do to give her comfort.  My hope is this is temporary, and she will be able to overcome this setback.  We are keeping her comfortable but are very distraught over her symptoms.


The good news tonight is she still has a good appetite.  Food is very important to this sweet girl.  Food gives her more joy than you could ever imagine.  It is right up there with belly rubs and head scratches.   If she hears anything that sounds like kibble, she will run toward the sound with pure joy on her face.  The look of disappointment is palpable if food is not involved.  That look makes everyone give her extra treats which appears to be working in her favor.


It seems like a lot of our Followers already knew what to expect when they saw the tumor on her spleen.  Lots of people reached out and said they so hoped it was not HSA since they had lost their pup to that same cancer.  No matter what anyone did, nothing gave them back their sweet dog.


Please, keep Lil Mama in your prayers that this last setback is only temporary.  She has overcome so much in her Life; our hope is she can overcome this.

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