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Lil MAMA has had to deal with more hardship in her Lifetime than any animal should have to bear.  A Lifetime spent in a small kennel being used as a breeder dog caused all four of her limbs to collapse and become deformed. We have done one surgery after another to give her some stability when her ligaments and tendons get to the breaking point.  The carpal areas of each leg can barely hold her up because of the deformity.


Through it all, Lil Mama keeps on trucking without a care in the World. Our latest medical emergency with her is one we have been dealing with for over a year.  She has Mast Cell Tumors that keep cropping up that are cancerous. We have removed them from her back, and we have removed them from her toes. Unfortunately, the one on her toe that we removed once has come back, and it is not happy.


We have done x-rays of her entire body to make sure cancer has not metastasized.   The best news of all is cancer has not spread.  It is localized on the toe only.  Since we have already removed this tumor once and it has returned bigger and meaner than ever, we now have to take more drastic measures to prevent it from developing in the same area.   After extensive conversations with her Vet and Oncologist, the only way to prevent the Cancer from coming back and possibly metastisizing is to remove the left rear toe.


Lil Mama will be having surgery this afternoon to remove her toe and any surrounding tissue that could have cancer cells in it.  We are not going to do any form of chemo since the Mast Cell Tumor is localized.  Dog do fine after digit removal.  The first couple of weeks will be painful, but she should recover, and hopefully, cancer will not come back.


We have a lot of expenses in this beautiful dog to keep her happy and pain-free.   I think Lil Mama has adapted to having constant pain since that is all she has ever known. The good news is that we address all of her issues and keep her as comfortable as possible with her angular limbs.  Please Donate whatever you can so we can keep looking after this exceptional pup and give her all the medical she will require after a Lifetime of abuse and neglect.


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