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This week we seem to be dealing with Cancer in every shape and form at Noah's Arks Rescue.   Dogs we have at the Rehab Center but sadly dogs that have been placed in incredible homes living the good Life they so deserve.   If an animal had cancer at the time of the Adoption, we take care of their Medical Bills and Surgery if it comes back the same type of cancer.


Sadly, Lil Mama has tumors that have begun to crop up all over her body.  Over the years we have taken care of small growths, but now they are coming back as Mast Cell Tumors.  We did aspirates, so we knew what we were dealing with and when they came back as Mast Cell, we knew we had to have them all removed.  We are waiting for the final biopsy report to come back while Lil Mama is healing from her surgery.  Most of the area where the tumors were removed have been healing beautifully. Unfortunately, the one on her toe has been a difficult one to heal.


Our sweet girl has deformed limbs from belonging to a breeder that kept her in a cage that was way too small for her size.  The end result is that her limbs are bowed out to the point of almost collapsing.  We have already done ligament surgery on Lil Mama when one of them tore.  We keep her weight down, so she does not have any undue stress on her joints where they are already damaged.


Lil Mama has dealt with one medical issue after another because of the Abuse and Neglect she received for the first six years of her Life.  The bowing of her legs causes the pads of her feet to come off from walking on the sides of them.  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it takes months to heal.  The abnormal foot placement is one of the reasons the places on her toes are difficult to recover from after surgery.  


Her Family is well aware of this and knows exactly how to deal with the pain and wound care involved to get her healed.  Dr. Kerry Rissetto is Lil Mama's Oncologist, and she will be coming up with a plan to see what would most benefit this fabulous Pitbull that everyone loves and adores.


We have not reached out for help with Lil Mama in years and have been taking care of all of her expenses. We now need for everyone to PLEASE Donate toward her extensive Medical Bills so she can live out the remainder of her Life free of pain and suffering.  Thanks for caring about her and all the other Abused Animals we take on every day.  

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