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Sweet Lil Mama has not been happy since her surgery.  It has taken a lot to get her pain level under control, but she is finally feeling better.  Removing a toe is a lot more complicated and painful that people realize. Any time you have to cut through a bone, it is going to hurt and hurt a lot.  Lil Mama's feet are deformed and flat because of her angular legs.   She is going to have more pain than a normal dog because her weight pushes on the outer side of her feet.   


Today is the first day she can get up and move around without moaning and groaning.  She is undoubtedly milking this toe removal for all it is worth as you can see from the picture of her relaxing outside on a swing with a pillow for her head.  If she jumped up and said bring me a Mimosa, no one would be surprised this morning.    We are just glad she is finally able to relax.


Lil Mama will probably get more Mast Cell Tumors on her body.  When that happens, we will do a biopsy and then remove it as soon as possible, so it does not metastasize.  The best news is her scans show she does not have cancer anywhere internally.  Her tumors have been on her skin and the one we removed on her toe which started on the surface.  


We know this special pup had a hard life prior to us getting her.  Her leg deformities are indicative of a dog living in a tiny kennel as she developed.   Her skin cancers also tell us she was living a life where she was exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight without much shade since that is how most dogs get skin cancer.


Whatever medical issues come up with Lil Mama we will deal with them.  She is a fabulous pup that was dealt an evil hand when she was young.   We can't take away her past, but we sure can make the years she has left the best years of her Life.  Thanks for caring about this amazing dog that had a million puppies in her Lifetime.

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