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Primetime is a 6 month old pitbull puppy that was hit by a car. He was given IV fluids and pain meds at the Greenville Shelter but was going to be euthanized if we did not step up and sponsor him for surgery.  Off he went to UVS where they immediately scheduled surgery because he was in such bad shape. He has a fractured leg and lots of soft tissue damage that is also preventing him from using his other leg.


He is a sweet little guy, about 22 lbs, and showed nothing but love when we were working on him.  He has a long way to go because of all the soft tissue damage. He is being fostered by a vet tech because he needs extensive rehabilitation on his legs to keep the muscles from tightening up anymore than they already have.


Primetime is doing wonderful since his surgery.  He is an incredibly sweet dog that will be ready for adoption soon.


Primetime is ready to be adopted.  He so deserves to have a loving home where he can become a wonderful member of the family. 



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