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I wanted everyone to know that Roxie is prepped and going into surgery now.   She will not be done until this afternoon.  As soon as we have information, we will post on her.  The surgeons did extensive scans yesterday on her entire body to make sure the cancer had not spread.   The machines they are using are more powerful than normal scans.  You can get more detail and very small specs of cancer if they are there.  Unfortunately, they did fine seven spots that are 7cm or less in her lungs.  The spots will be treated with chemo in two weeks once she has recovered, and we have built up her immune system.  The surgeon also believes it is the same cancer that Hershey has.    Say a prayer for her.  


We are only getting a small amount of donations for Roxie.  I don't know why that is except she is not an abused animal.   Roxie deserves the same care any animal deserves in this kind of situation.   Having a Guardian that loves her doesn't change that.  it just means we already have an approved home for her when she is well.    Her bills are going to be through the roof with all of the surgeries she is having this morning.  After the tumor is removed, she will have to have reconstructive surgery to repair the area.   Please, think about if this was your dog and you couldn't afford the care.  You would be very grateful if someone stepped up to help save your beloved member of the Family.    We can't save them all, but we are doing our best to save Roxie and give her more time to be a dog and love Life.   Please, share if you cannot donate.

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