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Sweet Roxie is coming back to South Carolina this morning.   She is doing great but has  few complications that are preventing us from doing her chemotherapy for another two weeks.  The best news is that her pneumonia is gone, and her fever has been stable for the last five days.    Her last x-rays we took shows she still has a little fluid in her lungs, but that is going away more each day.   The problem with her regurgitation is that it created a small mega-esophagus.   Because of that, we have to feed her from an elevated box where her food is placed.   She then puts her feet up and eats her slurry of food.    We keep her sitting up for 15 minutes to help the food go down which is working.  She has not regurgitated for the last three days.    The other issue we are dealing with that she has developed a Seroma around  the surgical site.   A Seroma is a fluid pocket that the body will re-absorb over the next two weeks.   We have been using warm compresses to facilitate this.   


Roxie was going to go back to her Owner for two weeks before Chemotherapy.   We have decided that since she has to be fed upright for, we are going to keep her with us until that condition resolves itself.   Since Roxie never had a Mega-Esophagus before surgery, it should resolve itself.   She is being move today to Charleston, SC where they will oversee her care to do whatever is necessary to resolve the Mega-Esophagus condition.


The best news of all is that Roxie feels incredible.   She is playing and wants to be around everyone she meets for lots of hugs and kisses.   She is like a big puppy that had a big weight removed from her head and is finally free.


We are still taking donations for this amazing dog.    She will go back to her Owner for several weeks before Chemotherapy to build up her immune system and to let her relax in her familiar home.    That is always the best medicine in our opinion.

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