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Look who is awake and wants to eat.  Our sweet, sweet girl Roxie is.   Each animal responds differently to this kind of surgery.   Roxy's meds have kept her a little more sleepy than normal, but that is fine with us as long as she is COMFORTABLE.   This kind of surgery can cause unbelievable discomfort and pain.   Our top priority for the first week is controlling the pain so the animal can still function but not have any discomfort.   The next thing is to take care of any nausea they might be having from the anesthesia and the pain meds.   We want them to be eating within about a day of the surgery.   So far, Roxie is right on schedule.  She has increased the amount of food she will take each day.  Today she is a little more demanding on wanting food.  That is a wonderful sign of her coming out of her initial fog.  All of Roxie's vitals and bloodwork are excellent. She is doing so well that the Oncology team is putting together a chemotherapy plan to start her first treatment this coming week while she is still in the hospital.   This way she will be closely monitored in ICU and any side-effects will be dealt with immediately.   Roxie is sweet and loving and has everyone at the hospital wrapped around her little finger.    We are all feeling very blessed to have hopefully given this amazing dog back her Life without being held prisoner by an eight pound tumor that was killing her.  Thanks for caring and being part of her Journey.


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