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Roxie had a wonderful night and is resting comfortably.  We are keeping her pretty sedated for the next few days to make sure her pain level is under control at all times.  She is still able to get up if she wants to, but the surgeons want her to remain in ICU until they feel like they can reduce her pain meds.    Comfort is our biggest concern right now.   Roxie is surrounded by Vet. Techs that are giving her lots of hugs and rubs while she is resting.    She is getting round the clock care.    A cold compress will be used all throughout the day to keep the swelling down.   The next few days are going to be critical for her.  Each dog is different and handles these procedures differently.   Bubbles wanted to get up, go outside and just look around for hours on end.    Hershey, after two days, wanted to run around  with his new-found freedom without the massive tumor.   He was a Wild Man and still is.    Hershey acts like a puppy now.    Roxie will let us know over the next few days how she will handle her new-found freedom from her tumor.   For now, she is resting comfortably and is very content having everyone pamper her.   

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