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ROXIE  Update……Roxie's surgery just ended and she is in Recovery.   She will be out for most of the day to keep her pain level under control.  The surgeon thinks he got good margins, but only the final biopsy can tell us that.   She was stable during the entire procedure and had to be given only two units of blood   The tumor was removed in one piece and weighed 8 lbs.   Her ear canal had to be removed, but her ear flap was left.    The tumor originated from her Parotid Salivary Gland.  Any lymph nodes that were enlarged were removed.  The Oncology Team will now take all of the information and scans and determine the best course of action to rid her body of the cancer that had spread to her lungs.   We are all feeling so happy for this amazing dog.   What everyone said was impossible, was possible.   You just have to believe in Miracles.

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