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Sweet Roxie unfortunately is back in ICU.   She has developed Aspiration Pneumonia from being under anesthesia for so long during her surgery.   Her lungs appeared to be fine but it developed several days later.   The longer a dog is under anesthesia the great the chances of this happening.   All precautions were taken during her procedure, but it still happened.   She developed a fever yesterday and was unable to keep her food down.   A chest x-ray was done, and it showed the pneumonia.  She is on antibiotics and should be feeling much better in a couple of days.   Right now, the fever has her feeling pretty dumpy.   Nothing different could have been done to prevent this.   She will be in ICU until her fever is gone, and she can keep food down.   Chemo has been put off until she has fully recovered.


​Roxie's face is still a little swollen, but her incision site looks great.   She is the most amazing dog that loves everyone and will let the Vet. Techs do anything they need to do to take care of her.  They feel so bad for her since she was doing so well.   Keep Roxie in your prayers for a speedy recovery from the Pneumonia.

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