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BENNETTSVILLE, SC......Beautiful Mack is a two year old Dalmatian / Pit Mix that was intentionally dragged behind a truck.  Two maintenance workers at Clio Country Club saw a pick-up truck drive up next to the Club with a dog being dragged behind by a chain.  A man got out of the pick-up, cut the dog loose and Mack ran onto the golf course.  Workers went and found the dog and brought him to the Humane Society of Marlboro County.  I can’t even imagine the horror of seeing a dog being dragged the way he was.  Sweet Mack is not a big dog and only weighs 40 lbs.  Based on the way his pads had been worn down, it appeared he had run as long as he could until he fell over and was then dragged. Mack was in terrible shape and was taken to the vet but needed someone to step up for him or he would have been put down.  The authorities were contacted but no one has been charged with the  horrible abuse that was done to him.  As you can imagine, Mack is terribly shy.  He is petrified of someone hurting him again.  Over the last two weeks we have had him, he has begun to relax and trust us but still has a long way to go.  The skin on his rear leg and some of his toes was degloved and torn away.  We have had to keep him in a very sterile environment to prevent more infection from setting in.  Every day we have had to do minor surgery to remove all of the dead tissue, so new tissue can form.  Wounds heal from the inside out.  All dead tissue must be removed daily or infection will set in.  Our sweet boy was loaded with parasites on top of everything else and is also heartworm positive.  I don’t need to tell you how rotten he has been feeling.  We have his pain under control and he is comfortable.  While he is healing, we are pre-treating him for his full heartworm treatment in a couple of weeks.  How anyone could do this to a defenseless animal is beyond me.  This person intentionally dragged him behind his truck.  It wasn’t like he tied the dog to the bumper and then forgot he was there.    There is no excuse for the inhumane treatment of any animal.   Sweet Mack is a very distinct looking dog.  If anyone recognizes him, please, let us know immediately so we can let the authorities know.  Once Mack has healed, he will make a wonderful member of the family.  Time and love will heal his broken heart and his wounds.  He is getting as much as he needs of both.


Mack is doing great and healing beautifully.  He is a sweetheart of a dog and is finally coming out of his shell and beginning to realize that the horrible life he once knew is over.   His life from here forward is filled with nothing but lots and lots of love and compassion.  Everyone adores our sweet boy.  He has about another month before his wounds have filled in as much as it will.  His feet and toes are also healing beautifully.  Once we got his infection under control, his skin began to granulate where before it was hot, moist and infected.  He is a beautiful dog that has the most wonderful face and coloring.  Unfortunately, they have still not been able to find the person that did this.


MACK is doing wonderful.  His wound has only about another month to go before the red is all gone.  Our sweet boy is working with a trainer each week to get him more socialized with people.  Certain people he loves and others he seems to be very cautious of.  It is very common for abused animals to react this way.  It just takes time for an animal to learn to trust again.  Mack has come a long way and continues to progress each week. 



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