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MACK is ready for ADOPTION. 


MACK is an active boy who looking for his forever family. MACK needs someone who will keep his obedience strong and hold him accountable. MACK is completing his obedience at Dog Training by K9 Good Manner's. MACK is excelling rapidly. MACK is eager to show off his obedience, as he knows sit, stay, down, NO & place. MACK has a strong job by being obedient in the family. 


MACK will do well in a home with a yard or with an experienced handler who is active. Someone who can exert MACK'S energy daily. MACK is sweet and silly. MACK gets along with other dogs. Children should be older and more mature. 


If you are interested in adopting MACK, we encourage finishing his training with him at K9 Good Manners. K9 Good Manners will also continue MACK'S training once adopted.


Again, MACK is an incredible boy, looking for his perfect family. 

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