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Sweet Molly developed a terrible Respiratory condition that put her in ICU and Quarantine.   She has been in ICU for a week recovering from her Upper Respiratory problem and also being closely monitored while we get her heartbeat regulated.   Molly cannot have surgery until we get her stable.   Her Mammary Gland surgery has been put off three times because of her condition.  We are not taking any chances with this wonderful dog going into Respiratory or Cardio distress because of her ongoing issues.


The good news is that we have begun to get her heartbeat where it is beating more in the normal range for extended periods of time.  Molly is on medication that has so far proven to work for her.   After she has been on the medication for approximately a month, we will then decide if she is a candidate for the Ablation Procedure and if it merits her doing it or keeping her on the medication.  Each procedure has risks.  We have to weigh out the pros and cons of each and then decide which is the safest for Molly and will give her the best prognosis.


The other issue we are dealing with is that Molly has developed fluid in her abdomen.   The Cardiologist and Surgeon feel it is because of her Mammary Tumors.  Once she is cleared for surgery, we will then explore where the fluid is coming from and what can be done to resolve it.


During this time our dear girl has not been feeling great.   For several days she had to be coaxed into eating.   She is already underweight so getting food into her has been a top priority.  She now will only take food if you are handing her something yummy and she gets to be right in you face giving kisses.  Molly is by far one of the sweetest dogs that wants to lay in your lap and cuddle.   Not feeling well and being adorable has made her a prime candidate for all of the Vet Techs to shower her with lots of hugs and kisses.   She is never going to want to leave ICU because of all the attention she has been getting.


We will know more this afternoon if she is cleared for surgery.   We are not going to rush this because of all her medical issues.  Surgery in a normal dog has risks.  Surgery in a dog that has a very high heart rate and a respiratory problem are two areas we do not fool around with.  This is one time that I take a backseat and let them tell me when the safest time is for them to proceed.


Molly's bills are very high because of her on-going health issues.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can get this beautiful dog the best Medical Care possible.   If you can't Donate, please forward to your Animal-Loving Friends so they can also be involved in helping her get well.  Thanks for caring and helping us with dear Molly.

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